HIT Exchange

Branding covered every aspect of a media title: logos, identity kits, event/tradeshow booths, marketing & sales collateral, website, and magazine.

HIT Exchange
Health Information Technology Exchange to bridge healthcare executives and the IT industry
HIT Exchange connects healthcare executives who set strategy for their organizations and the IT professionals charged with implementing this strategy throughout their facilities. Each issue covers the most salient IT issues, innovations, and trends from both business and technical perspectives throughout their facilities-reaching more than 72,000 HIT decision makers nationwide.
All work is the copyright of True North Custom Media.
Photos of the artwork are the copyright of J. Kevin Tugman.
I worked with a great Creative Director, Eric Jackson to create these magazines. We worked with Donna Rosen to secure Bruce MacPherson to illustrate the covers.
True North Custom Media is the parent company for HIT Exchange.
Videos, iPad edition, website, e-newsletter, and magazine
Video still from the Expert Exchange video series
Free standing banners for trade shows
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